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Department of Applied Business Studies
Fort Hays State University
600 Park Street
McCartney Hall 113
Phone: 785-628-4772
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Minor Degree Programs in Applied Business Studies

Minor in Business Communication

BCOM 250 Word Processing Applications
BCOM 300 Spreadsheet Applications
BCOM 301 Business Communication
BCOM 310 Database Applications
BCOM 400 Global Business Communication
BCOM 601 Managerial Communication
BCOM 690 Professional Development

Minor in Marketing

MKT 301 Marketing Principles
MKT 601 Consumer Behavior
MKT 604 Marketing Research
MKT 606 International Marketing
MKT 609 Strategic Electronic Marketing
MKT 650 Marketing Strategy
MKT XXX Marketing Elective

(MATH 250 Elements of Statistics is recommended as a general education elective)
*Business majors cannot include MKT 301 toward a marketing minor; please substitute another marketing elective.

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