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Bachelor of Arts, Concentration in Studio Art

The Studio Art degree program at Fort Hays State University is well suited for students who are mainly interested in pursuing a career in visual arts. Students will develop their creative skills and produce work that demonstrates critical and creative thinking. Students will receive a well-rounded art education through studying painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, drawing, photography, graphic design, and interior design.

Students will also receive a solid foundation in art history, as well as gain knowledge of art theories, contexts, and art/design works. Collaboration is another integral part of this degree, as students learn to collaborate with peers and faculty to improve their ideas, concepts, and projects.

Program Summary

General Education Requirements: 55 Credit Hours
Modern Language Requirements: 10 Credit Hours

Core Requirements – 33 hours
ART 205 3-D Design/Crafts (3)
ART 210 Drawing I (3)
ART 215 Drawing II (3)
ART 240 Basic Design (3)

Studio Areas (choose 3)
ART 220 Introduction to Painting (3)
ART 230 Sculpture (3)
ART 250 Printmaking (3)
ART 260 Ceramics (3)

Design Areas, choose from:

ART 243 Graphic Design
ART 244 Creative Photography
or a 200-level Interior Design
ART 310 Figure Drawing (3)
ART 380 Survey of Art History (3)
Two 400-level Art History courses (6)

Studio Art Major Electives – 16 hours
Choose from courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics or design (photography)

Total Credit Hours: 114

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