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Biology Student Travel Honorarium

Application Form (pdf file)

The Department of Biological Sciences encourages graduate and undergraduate students to attend and participate in professional meetings. To assist students with the costs associated with attending these meetings, the department offers two forms of financial support.

One form of assistance covers transportation expenses associated with travel by van or car. The department uses funds from its regular operating budget to pay mileage costs charged for vehicles supplied by the University Motor Pool or an off-campus contractor. Faculty typically make these arrangements for travel to professional meetings, so it usually is not necessary for students to submit requests for this benefit. Use of a university vehicle must comply with all current university policies. You should not expect reimbursement for use of a personal vehicle when the Department provides transportation.

The second form of financial assistance is for students who participate in a professional meeting, typically by giving a presentation or serving as an officer in the professional society. Biology students may submit a request for reimbursement of expenses for lodging and registration fees; costs of meals typically are not reimbursed. The money used for this purpose comes from donations to the department that are deposited in an account with the FHSU Foundation. These funds also are used to pay for departmental scholarships. Requests for this money must be documented with receipts, so advance payments are not possible. However, students are encouraged to submit their application for preliminary approval prior to their departure. Students, not faculty, are responsible for submitting the application form and all receipts. The application form is a pdf file; please complete the form and submit a printed copy to the department's Senior Administrative Assistant (final dollar amounts for receipts may be written on the original form after you return from the trip). Biology students who meet the following guidelines are more likely to receive reimbursement.

  • You should be delivering either an oral presentation or a poster presentation, or you should be an officer or committee member in the society or organization sponsoring the meeting.
  • You should be a member of the society or organization sponsoring the meeting (if there is a society or organization).
  • You should be representing Fort Hays State University and the Department of Biological Sciences as a current or recently graduated student.

Along with the application form, students also must submit a copy of the abstract for their presentation, if they are giving one. The department's Endowment Oversight Committee will consider the request and award full or partial reimbursement as funds and circumstances allow. The committee may seek additional information or clarification for receipts submitted for reimbursement. The funds for this benefit are limited, so please be frugal with your choice of overnight accommodations. This will help us to provide this benefit to as many students as possible throughout the academic year. If you have any questions about this benefit, please contact the Department Chair.

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