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Brian R. Maricle


Brian Maricle with Ginkgo




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Teaching at Fort Hays State University:

  • Human Biology: BIOL 100
  • Principles of Biology: BIOL 180
  • Principles of Biology Lab: BIOL 180L
  • Early Field Experiences in Biology: BIOL 235
  • Botany: BIOL 250/250L
  • Plant Anatomy: BIOL 330/330L
  • Internship (Apprenticeship) in Biology: BIOL 476
  • Plant Physiology: BIOL 495/495L
  • Environmental Physiology: BIOL 607A
  • Dendrology: BIOL 632
  • Graduate Seminar: BIOL 855
  • Stable Isotope Uses and Applications: BIOL 882



salt marsh

Salt marsh work in northern Puget Sound, WA

Sorghum bicolor

In Sorghum field near Hays, KS

Research Interests: Plant Ecological Physiology (go to research page)

A. Responses of plants to flooding

  • Environmental factors influencing species zonation in estuaries and wetlands
  • Physiological, biochemical, and anatomical factors influencing flooding tolerance in plants
  • Effects of low oxygen levels on respiration and nitrogen assimilation in plants
  • Roles of flooding tolerance in the success of wetland invasive species
  • Biochemical effects of ethanol and how it relates to flooding tolerance
  • Novel capabilities of plants beneficial to agriculture and phytoremediation

B. Effects of environment on photosynthesis in plants

  • Effects of drought and salinity on stomatal conductance, photosynthesis, and transpiration
  • Physiological, biochemical, and anatomical factors influencing drought and salinity tolerance in plants
  • Roles of latent, sensible, and radiative heat exchange under changing environmental conditions
  • Physiological and biochemical responses to oxidative stress in plants
  • Carbon and hydrogen isotope discrimination in photosynthesis and transpiration
  • Effects of chilling on photosynthetic light harvesting, gas exchange, and carbon metabolism


Curriculum Vitae


Brian Maricle in greenhouse


Contact Information:

Brian R. Maricle
Department of Biological Sciences
Fort Hays State University
600 Park St.
Hays, KS 67601-4099
office: Albertson Hall 402
phone: (785) 628-5367
fax: (785) 628-4153


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Department of Biological Sciences
Fort Hays State University
509 South Campus Drive, Room 302
Hays, KS 67601


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