Times Talks

Times Talks are held throughout the semester, at a rate of about two a month. They're sponsored by the New York Times, and are presented by students and/or staff at Fort Hays State University. Times Talks can concern current political issues, local problems, or just information over a particular topic. The entire event is meant to be a discussion, where the audience can participate in the Talk itself by commenting on the information presented, or by asking questions. The goals of our Times Talks are to promote critical thinking over various topics, and to create a space for open presentation and communication over issues relevant to our community.

9/11 Day of Remembrance

The purpose of our 9/11 Day of Remembrance is to remind students, staff, and the larger Hays community of the brave sacrifices of so many people back in 2001, and well into the future as our soldiers continue to rally against the threat of terrorism. Throughout the day, our project works with Tigers in Service to facilitate a service project, and then we later host a ceremony again meant to honor both our fallen and still fighting heroes.

Constitution Day

Constitution Day is held on the anniversary of the official signing of the Constitution. Our project sets up Constitution information tables, and seeks sponsorship from various University departments and organizations to purchase t-shirts to pass out that day to students.

Ben Franklin Papers

Ben Franklin Papers are held toward the beginning of the semester. Our Project works with various University and community entities to facilitate an event for local 5th graders to learn more about the life and works of Benjamin Franklin. The goal of Ben Franklin papers is to allow younger students a learning opportunity, and Sue Boldra's education class an opportunity to teach.

Veteran's Day Ceremony

Our Veteran's Day Ceremony is meant to honor the sacrifice made by our men and women in service. In addition to the Ceremony, we set up information and fund-raising effort in the Union for the local VA.

Red Hand Day

Red Hand Day is an opportunity for our Project to present information about the use of child soldiers in conflicts in other countries. Students are given information and the ability to write a short message indicting the use of child soldiers by making red hand prints on paper. We collect those hands to display in the Union, and then send them to our legislators to encourage them to support legislation concerning the use of child soldiers.

Tiger Talkback

Our tiger Talkback Question is posted weekly, and usually concerns a political issue at the local, national, or global level. We source the question with a news article so that students have the opportunity understand the issue a little better before commenting on it. We post the question in the memorial union, an onto our twitter page. The public nature of those forums means that students are exposed to a variety of views on the same topic, and since the can comment on each other's opinions, the questions are prompting the critical thinking skills necessary to engage in a debate.

Midwest Model United Nations

Model UN is an opportunity for students to practice the skills of diplomacy and compromise. Model UN is a class that can be taken in either the leadership or political science departments. Class time is spent learning to better understand the country the students have been assigned and learning about the issues that are up for discussion. Model UN is an exercise in nation building, and give some very real insight into how governments work to create global policy.

Poster Project

The poster project an art contest facilitated by our Project that allows students the opportunity to express political ideals and opinions through graphic design. The event prompts students to use their talents to express themselves and to think on current political questions from a unique perspective. the art is displayed in the Union, and people in the memorial union can vote on their favorite works.

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