The career of Omer G. Voss

Beginning in 1936, Omer worked summers for International Harvester Company (now Navistar) in Hutchinson, KS. He became a full-time employee in 1939 and was transferred to California as Assistant Manager of the San Francisco Office and later as General Manager of the Stockton, California, farm equipment factory.

From 1943 to 1945 during World War II, Omer served in the 7th Army Airways in both the South Pacific and Far East. After the war in 1951, Omer was transferred overseas and made Assistant Managing Director of IHC of Australia. Three years following, Omer moved to United Kingdom as Managing Director of IHC Great Britain. He traveled many continents establishing dealers and distributors of both wheel and crawler tractors and loaders.

Mr. Voss was elected President of IHC Canada in 1960 and moved his family to Hamilton, Ontario. Then, in 1962, Omer was brought to Chicago and became Executive Manager of IHC's Farm Equipment Division. Omer retired from the company in 1979 as Vice Chairman. Mr. Voss' son was quoted in the Chicago Tribune as saying, "My father had a lot of personal drive and strength and a desire to succeed. He also had good skills in questioning and getting answers and facts to make decisions, and he had a quick wit."

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