American Democracy Project

The American Democracy Project (ADP)  is a university-wide initiative designed to prepare the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy. The goal of the American Democracy Project is to produce university Graduates with the civic knowledge, skills, and values who are committed to being active citizens in their communities. The ADP initiative provides numerous civic and political engagement activities that challenge and encourage students to find their place and make a difference.

Global Leadership Project

The Global Leadership Project (GLP) is an initiative created by Fort Hays State University's Center for Civic Leaderships and the Department of Leadership Studies to develop the next generation of leaders who will possess the knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes to lead positive change in the larger global context. GLP offers several co-curricular and curricular programs to domestic, virtual, and international students affiliated with Fort Hays State University including speakers, workshops, international service opportunities and partnerships.

Tigers In Service

Tigers In Service (TIS) is a student operated program that acts as a clearinghouse for college students wanting to volunteer and participate in community service activities. Hosting service projects on national days of service, sponsoring alternative breaks, and working with community agencies to find opportunities to volunteer are just a few of the services that Tigers In Service provides to FHSU students.

Women's Leadership Project

The Women's Leadership Project (WLP) is an initiative designed to educate, inspire, and empower women to be leaders of tomorrow. This initiative offers year-round comprehensive educational activities for women of all ages. Beyond these educational activities, the Women's Leadership Project serves as a community of support and inspiration for women seeking to make their mark on history.

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