Service-Learning Basics
Why Should I Participate in Service-Learning
Benefits of Service-Learning
Frequently Asked Questions

Service-Learning Basics

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Service-learning is a method of teaching and learning that integrates community service activities into academic curricula and expands the learning of students from the classroom to the community.

The four basic components of any service-learning project should be as follows

  • Preparation- What course objectives can be achieved through a service-learning project? (i.e. readings, discussion, journal writings, classroom visits)
  • Action- What actual service is being performed by students?
  • Reflection- Are the students reflecting critically on attitudes and experiences?
  • Assessment- Have the course objectives been achieved?

Why Should I Participate in Service-Learning

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"Service-learning is education in action." Sen. John Glenn.

There is a definite need for people to become engaged in the community. The benefits for participating in service-learning are numerous and continuing well after the service-learning activity has concluded. It gives the student perspective in terms of learning in theory and practicing in action.

Student Quotes and Testimonials

"This class is by far the best class I have ever taken, because it is hands on, and what you take out of it is what you make out of it. For me, it has been an invaluable lifetime experience that I will always remember and be proud of." -Heather Weilert

"Service is important, and the more people participate in it, the better they become as a whole. I learned so much through this one experience; I can only imagine what I would learn if I continued to participate in service-learning throughout my life." -Chelsey Gillogly

"I learned the difference between getting a grade and getting an education. This might be the only class that has directly affected me personally." -Holly Dealy

"As a former student involved with service-learning, I have to say that service-learning is always asked about during interviews and in my professional life. But the great thing is, it's been extremely rewarding in all aspects of my life." -Christina Davidson

"When information is spread evenly, every member of a team can act as a spokesperson and can give accurate detail as to what our collective goals are." -Jonathan May

"The last lesson I learned is a more global lesson. It is hard work being a leader, and in the case of this service-learning project, an active citizen." -Katie Beamer

Benefits of Service-Learning

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  • It allows students to be involved citizens.
  • It combines teaching with service-learning making learning more realistic and relevant.
  • The students contribute observations from service-learning experiences into class discussions, offering a new perspective.
  • The students make reflective comparisons between academic course work and service activities.
  • Service-learning strengthens interpersonal growth and communication skills.
  • Students gain new perspectives on civic engagement and democracy.

"Fort Hays SWIPE Out Hunger," an event organized for the Hays area in partnership with Numana, Inc., has been held at Forsyth Library four times from 2011 to 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I become involved in service-learning at FHSU?
A: There are numerous ways to be involved in service-learning at FHSU. You can enroll in an FHSU service-learning course. A list of these courses is available through the service-learning coordinator. You can also assist with service-learning initiatives on the FHSU campus. This might include assisting with the campus-community service fair or other service-learning workshops for faculty, students, and community members. Please contact the Experiential Learning Committee Chair through the Provost's office for information on these options.

Q: How does service-learning help me in my degree pursuit?
A: Service-learning gives you the opportunity to practice the academic content that you are learning in the classroom. Because service-learning combines academia and service, it is through reflection that we gain practical insight that applies to all areas of our lives. It can give you practical real-world experiences.

Q: Can I receive scholarships for my participation in service-learning programs?
A: FHSU does not currently have specific scholarships for service-learning; however, scholarship opportunities are available through nationwide programs.

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