Teacher Education Program Forms

The Application to Teacher Education, Application for Student Teaching, and Application for Practicum will be completed through the TK20 system.

For those applying to student teach in the SPRING, the Student Teaching Application will be available beginning August 1.

For those applying to student teach in the FALL, the Student Teaching Application will be available beginning January 1.

To access desired form, go to https://tk20.fhsu.edu.; If you have indicated education as your major, then an account has already been set up for you.; Login with your tigertracks username and password.

Click on Applications tab, then Create, select desired application and Submit.

Once the application is submitted, it will be accessible to FHSU faculty/staff for review. You may view your TK20 account at any time to check the status of your application. Once your application has been reviewed, feedback will be shown in Recent Messages, Feedback link. The current processing time for applications submitted through TK20 is a minimum of 2 weeks. If you do not see information in the Feedback tab after that timeframe, please contact our office. For technical assistance, please call 785-628-4547 or tk20@fhsu.edu; for program questions, contact your advisor. If you still have questions once you've reviewed your application status, contact the Office of Field Experience and Licensure, 785-628-5828 or asbeckman@fhsu.edu.

TK20 Definitions


Not Submitted - application has been accessed, but not submitted
Review in Progress - application has been submitted and is being reviewed by the Office of Field Experiences and Licensure and the department
Review Complete - application has been reviewed by department and feedback received

Final Result

Deficiencies - all requirements have not been met to qualify for admission
Waiver - Deficiency Appeal submitted and approved to take restricted classes
Admission Pending - Requirements for admission are in process
Admitted - Candidate admitted to program

Additional Licensure Forms

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