College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Faculty Resource Guide

Department Chair

  • Faculty are encouraged to ask questions and seek guidance from their department chair.

Departmental Blackboard Site

  • Documents found on this site provide guidance as to departmental processes and criteria for Tenure, Promotion and Merit specific to each department within the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences.


  • This guide contains general information. Refer to the MOA for details specific to bargaining unit members.


  • Members of the collective bargaining unit represented by FHSU chapter of the AAUP should consult the MOA for current terms and conditions applicable to members.

Universty Calendars

  • ADMINISTRATIVE CALENDAR -Lists important deadlines for various university processes.
  • ACADEMIC CALENDAR -Lists important dates such as enrollment deadlines, holidays/breaks, withdrawal schedule, etc.


Academic Advising


Other Campus Resources

  • BUSINESS OFFICE -Provides guidance and training on University policies and procedures regarding reimbursement for activities performed on behalf of the University.
  • HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE -The Office of Human Resources at Fort Hays State University is dedicated to all employees and provides the tools needed to support development and optimize successes. The office is made up of three areas: Human Resource Management, Employee Relations and Institutional Equity.
  • PRINTING SERVICES -Provides a wide variety of printing and copying services.
  • PURCHASING OFFICE -Provides guidance and training on State of Kansas purchasing guidelines.
  • REGISTRARS OFFICE - Grade posting, degree programs and requirements
  • STUDENT FISCAL SERVICES -Receives payment for tuition/fees, housing, and other student accounts and processes deposits for all university departments and student organizations.

Faculty Institutional Support

  • FACULTY DEVEOPMENT FUNDS-Faculty who wish to present at or attend professional conferences may apply for financial travel assistance. Applications must be submitted through Lotus Notes by the quarterly deadlines.
  • SABBATICAL -Paid leaves of absence for one or two semesters to pursue scholarly activity.
  • REASSIGNED TIME -Two levels of reassigned time exist for faculty members to request.
    • TRACK I -Reassignment occurs within a department and utilizes a one semester shift of faculty time for the equivalent of one course covered by existing resources.
    • TRACK II -Reassignment is a competitive application in which the university provides funding to cover the reassignment of usually the equivalent of one course. Applications are available to faculty members each semester.
  • SUMMER RESEARCH AND CREATIVE ACTIVITY GRANT - In lieu of summer teaching, faculty may apply for funds to support summer research.
  • FACULTY AWARDS -Recognizes continuing and excellent service to and for Fort Hays State University and its mission.
  • GRANT SUPPORT -The Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects provides assistance in the search for external funding sources.
    • GRANT PROPOSAL SUBMISSION POLICY-Applies to all Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators at FHSU
    • INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARD (IRB)-All research involving human subjects must be reviewed.
    • CARE AND USE OF ANIMALS POLICY - All activities and procedures that use vertebrate animals at Fort Hays State University must comply with public laws, policies and guidelines, and be reviewed and approved by the FHSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee to ensure that such activities are in compliance with all federal, state and FHSU regulations, policies and standards in to ensure proper animal care and use.

Faculty Evaluation

  • ANNUAL MERIT PROCESS -Quick link to the policy in the Faculty and Unclassified Handbook. (See Departmental Blackboard site for specific criteria.)
    • CALENDAR -Timeline for the Merit review process.
  • TENURE POLICY -Quick link to the policy in the Faculty and Unclassified Handbook. (See Departmental Blackboard site for specific criteria.)
  • PROMOTION POLICY -Quick link to the policy in the Faculty and Unclassified Handbook. (See Departmental Blackboard site for specific criteria.)
    • CALENDAR -Timelines for tenure-track and/or promotion candidates.
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