Training Materials and Activities

These materials are located in the Office of the Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Rarick Hall 101. Anyone interested in reviewing these materials, should contact Ms. Cindy Weigel


  • Abilene Paradox, The
    (Time=30 minutes)
  • A Liberal Education: Preparation for Life
    College USA and The Association of American Colleges
  • Am I a Crook?
    Satellite downlink on April 2, 1998 (includes program guide)
  • Apple Education TV Series--1. Multimedia 101: Getting Started (Time=60 minutes); 2. Knowledge Navigator: Technology to Get Us There and Beyond (Time=60 minutes)
  • Audix Phone Training Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Careers and the Liberal Arts
    Urban Whitaker and Paul Breen--copyright-1998
  • Communicating Electronically: New methods for Publishing, Sharing, and Distributing Information
    Satellite downlink on Feb. 15, 1996 (includes program guide) Time=120 minutes
  • Electronic Visualization for Educational and Professional Practice
    Satellite downlink on Feb. 22, 1996 (includes program guide)
  • Ethics and Telemedicine
    Presentation by Ms. Francis Gilbert at the FHSU 1993 Telepower Conference, Oct. 27, 1993, (Time=72 minutes)
  • Excellence in the Public Sector
    with Tom Peters (Time=50 minutes)
  • Fair Guidelines for Educational Multimedia
    Satellite downlink on Feb. 20, 1997, (includes program guide) Time=120 minutes
  • Future of Kansas Telecommunications, The
    with Nelson L. Krueger
  • Governor's Task Force on the Future of Telecommunications
    Feb. 14, 1994
  • Heart of the Matter: General Education and it's Rewards, The
    The Association of American Colleges and Universities, copyright 1993
  • Information Infrastructure: A New Port to the World Marketplace, The
    GTE Public Affairs - Community Economic Development, August 1994 (Time=6:25 minutes)
  • Investing in the 21st Century
    Southern California Consortium Educational Telecommunications (Time=10.20 minutes)
  • KOOD Telecom
    Show on Nov. 3, 1993
  • Liberal Education and the Changing Workplace
    Time=18 minutes
  • Neighborhood, The
    Produced by: Public Teleses Group, External Affairs, April 1993 (Time=10 minutes)
  • New Public University, New
    Satellite downlink on April 10, 1997 (Includes program guide), Time=120 minutes
  • Operating System Decisions
    Satellite downlink on Apr. 4, 1995 (Time=120 minutes)
  • Making Sense of the Sixties--Part 1: Seeds of the Sixties (Time=120 minutes); Part 2: We Can Change the World (Time=120 minutes) Part 3: Picking Up the Pieces, (Time=120 minutes)
  • Partnerships Between Two and Four-year Colleges
    Satellite downlink on Mar. 6, 1996 (Time=120 minutes)
  • Putting Your Course On-line
    Satellite downlink on Feb. 20, 1998 (Time=120 minutes)
  • Research Report: Mobilizing a Caring America: Principles of the 1990's United Way of America
    Time=25.39 minutes
  • Retraining America's Workforce to Compete in a New World Economy
    Video conference on July 20, 1991
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Planning Commissioner
    Municipal Video Project
  • Rural Communities
    Master Tapes 1 and 2, April 23, 1994 (Time=169 minutes)
  • Sedgwick County Foreign Trade Zone
    Blueprint 2000 - An Action Plan for the Future of Sedgwick County, May 7, 1989 (Time=13 hours and 31 minutes)
  • Teaching and Learning in the Computer Age
    The Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education, March 28, 1997 (Time=150 minutes)
  • Telecommunications: Bringing the World into the Classroom
    Video conference on October 22, 1992, (Time=120 minutes)
  • Telecommunications Committee Meeting
    December 2, 1993 (Time=90 minutes)
  • Telepower '92 Town Meeting
    Moderator: Dr. Larry Gould, October 13, 1992
  • Total Geographic Information System
  • Using Multimedia for Education and Business
    Satellite downlink on Jan. 26, 1995 (includes program guide) Time=120 minutes
  • Voices in Democracy
    Satellite downlink on Feb. 12, 1998 (includes program guide) Time=60 minutes
  • What Lies Ahead: Countdown to the 21st Century
    United Way of America (includes program guide) Time=23:21 minutes
  • What Matters Most: Teaching for America's Future
    The National Commission on Teaching and America's Future (Time=30 minutes)
  • "Why Plan?": a Primer for the Concerned Citizen
    Municipal Video Project
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