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COBE Research Seminars

Since Fall of 2003


  1. "Do Tax Benefits Provided to Community Banks Increase Agricultural Lending: An Empirical Investigation," Dr. Emily Breit, February 2, 2012
  2. "The Behavior of Domestic Capital Flows during Sudden Stop Crises,: Dr. Sam Schreyer, March 29, 2012
  3. "Evaluating Mixed-Emotions through Sports Advertising," Dr. Theresa Billiot, April 25, 2012


  1. "Transferablility through Word -of-Mouth: Examining Cognitive Flexibility Theory with Web 2.0 Marketing to Determine its Effects on Consumer Behavior," Dr. Theresa Billiot, October 14, 2010
  2. "Relationships Between Organization Performance and Change Factors and Manufacturing Firms' Leanness," Dr. Kyle Stone, November 12, 2010
  3. "Economic Impact Studies," Dr. Tom Johansen and R. Kathleen Arano, February 17, 2011 (scheduled as part of the 7th Annual RACAW)
  4. "Publishing within the Different Business Disciplines," Dr. Mary Martin, Dr. Sam Schreyer, Dr. Kyle Stone and Dr. Keyu Jiang, March 14, 2011
  5. "Exercising the Knowledge Option: Leaving the Fed," Dr. Sam Schreyer, April 22, 2011 (scheduled as part of the 7th Annual RACAW


  1. Presentation about the Docking Institute on Thursday, Oct. 15 by Dr. Gary Brinker and Joyce Wolfe
  2. Research presentation from Dan Steeples on a major operations research and consulting project for the U.S Navy, Monday, Nov. 16


  1. "Implications of Subchapter S Tax Status for Commercial Banks" on Friday, September 19, Dr. Emily Breit
  2. Institutional Review Board presentation, Leslie Paige, Friday, October 17
  3. "The Chinese Banking Industry," Friday, November 21, Lihui Xu (Shirly), a visiting scholar from Wuhan University of Technology in China
  4. "Secure Dynamic Distribution of Data Storage" on Friday, FEB 27, Dr. Keyu Jiang
  5. "A Content Analysis of Crisis Plans: Making U=Inferences about the Nature of Crisis Preparedness in the Meeting Planning Industry," March 6, Dr. Stacey Smith
  6. "Quality Improvement and Service in the Power Tool Industry: An Investigation into Customer Experiences" on Friday, May 1, Mike Martin


  1. "Reorganizing Complex Institutions: Contingent Effects of Changes in the CEO and Structural Complexity," on Friday, September 17, Dr. Moshen Modarres
  2. "Identification of relationships between emotional intelligence skill and critical thinking disposition in undergraduate leadership students" on Friday, October 12, Dr. Tony Andenoro
  3. "Dimensions of Leader-Member Exchange: An Examination of Antecedents" on Friday, November 2, Dr. Brent Goertzen
  4. "Inflation and Output Under Fixed and Floating Exchange Rate Regimes" on Friday, February 8, Dr. Dosse Toulaboe
  5. "A Mixed Method Examination of the Calibrated Peer Review Process in Undergraduate Leadership Classrooms" on Friday, April 11, Dr. Tony Andenoro
  6. "Determinants of Loan Interest Rates: Evidence from the Survey of Small Business Finances" on Friday, April 25, Dr. Emily Breit and Dr. Kathleen Arano


  1. "Teens and their Cellphones," presented by Dr. Robert Meier, Dr. Jerrold Stark, and Mrs. Joan Rumpel, January 26, 2007.
  2. "Helping College Students Market Themselves: Incorporating Career Development and Soft Skills into the Marketing Curriculum," presented by Mr. Micheal Martin and Dr. Mary Martin, February 23, 2007.
  3. "How Does Employment Affect Academic Performance among College Students," presented by Dr. Kathleen Arano and Dr. Carl Parker, April 6, 2006.


  1. Dr. Elayne Shields-Bryant, "Kansas IT Students & Overseas Outsourcing," 10/21/05
  2. Dr. Mary Martin and Michael Martin, "Performance Implications of Customer Relationship Management Strategy and Market Orientation Organizational Capabilities," 11/11/05
  3. Dr. Gladys Swindler, "Re-Designing a University Introductory Computing Course Using Computer-Based Instruction and Assessment," 2/17/06
  4. We discussed some of the challenges we face here in the COBL with respect to research productivity, as well as potential solutions to any impediments; "Public Teaching-Oriented Universities: Turning Institutional Obstacles into Opportunities" by Lance Eliot Brouthers and Timothy J. Wilkinson was used a basis for the discussion, 3/3/06
  5. Met with Mahbouba Avezova and Sulhiya Bahodurova, two teachers from Tajikistan, to discuss research collaboration possibilities, 3/17/06
  6. Mr. Henry Schwaller and Dr. Mary Martin, "Student Entrepreneurial Capacity at Fort Hays State University," 4/07/06
  7. Dr. Mohamed Zainuba, "Instituting Assurance of Learning in Business Curricula: Measuring Learning Outcomes in Capstone Courses," 4/28/06


  1. Dr. Mounther Barakat, "The Role of Taxes in Capital Structure: Evidence from Taxed and Non-Taxed Arab Economies," 9/10/04
  2. Dr. Charlie Gnizak, "College Students and Debt - Credit Cards and Student Loans in Western Kansas," 10/15/04
  3. Dr. Mohamed Zainuba, 11/19/04
  4. Dr. Kathleen Arano, "An Ex-Post Welfare Analysis of Regulation for Natural Gas: The Industrial Sector," 12/03/04
  5. Roundtable Discussion of Research Interests and Activities, 2/11/05
  6. Dr. Brett Zollinger, Director of the FHSU Docking Institute for Public Affairs, and Joyce Wolf, Docking Institute Survey Center Manager, "Sampling and Web Surveys: How to Reach 'Em," 3/11/05
  7. Dr. Mohamed Zainuba, Director of the COBL Management Development Center, discussed opportunities for presenting research at the FHSU COBL First Annual Business and Leadership Symposium (September 28-29, 2005) and publishing research in the new Journal of Business and Leadership: Research, Practice, and Teaching, 4/22/05
  8. Dr. Mary Martin, "The Effects of Physically Attractive Models in Advertising on Female and Male Adolescents: The Role of Importance and Control in the Social Comparison Process," 4/29/05


  1. Dr. Amy Xia, "Market-Based Supply Chain Coordination by Matching Suppliers' Cost Structures with Buyers' Order Profiles," 10/10/03
  2. Dr. Brent Goertzen, "The Role of Managers' and Direct Reports' Ethic of Virtue on Leader-Member Exchanges," 11/7/03
  3. Roundtable Discussion of Research Interests and Activities for the College of Business and Leadership, 12/5/03
  4. Continuation of the Roundtable Discussion of Research Interests and Activities for the College of Business and Leadership, 1/23/04
  5. Dr. Steve Williams, "Managerial Risk: Determinants of Risky Perceptions and Risk Intentions," 2/13/04
  6. Dr. Bob Meier and Dr. Jerry Stark, the mechanics of doing a Zoomerang survey, 2/27/04
  7. Dr. Carl Parker and Dr. Bill Rickman, "Estimating Behavioral Choice Models When the Choice is Binary: Logit Analysis," 4/9/04
  8. Dr. Chris Crawford, "Transformational Leadership, Innovation, and Knowledge Management: Empirical Findings and Emergent Conclusions," 4/23/04
  9. Dr. Dosse Toulaboe, "Real Exchange Rate Misalignment and Economic Growth in Developing Countries," 5/7/04
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