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Generations in the Workplace

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Overview (Program by AchieveGlobal):

In today's diverse workforce, four generations must contribute to organizational results every day. However, with the strong presence of theoretical age differences resulting in workplace conflict, organizations are at risk for such things as lower employee productivity levels, lost or missed revenue due to client mistreatment, and reputation damage. Are people really that different across age groups? Or is it the perception of those differences-the unspoken assumptions people make about themselves and others-that gets in the way? Recent studies actually highlight key similarities across age groups in terms of motivations and values. In fact, needless age stereotyping, overgeneralization from isolated examples, and even prejudice and discrimination toward both older and younger workers are creating tensions among generations.
It's time to debunk the myths and take full advantage of the unique strengths, talents, and experience each individual has to offer-regardless of age. Generations in the Workplace: Leveraging Age Diversity is designed to help achieve this goal.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe negative consequences of age-based stereotypes
  • Avoid projecting age-based stereotypes on others
  • Describe common workplace needs across age groups
  • Treat others as individuals, regardless of their age
  • Leverage the talents and experience of others, regardless of their age
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