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Intermediate Excel: Data Analysis

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This three and a half hour training will provide participants with hands-on Excel training.  Participants will be exposed to numerous time savings features such as:  pivot tables, vlookup, and what-if-analysis including goal seek and scenario manager.  They will learn how to apply these functions to real-world problems to increase productivity and improve efficiency by analyze large quantities of data and produce user friendly output.  This workshop is perfect for those who want to build on the skills they learned in the MDC’s Intermediate Excel course or for the Excel user familiar with the topics being covered.

Learning Outcomes

  • organize worksheet and table data using multiple techniques
  • import/export data using Excel
  • create and use defined names in a workbook
  • use a range of lookup and reference functions
  • understand and create simple PivotTables and Pivot Charts
  • summarize information quickly using Pivot Tables
  • utilize advanced features to manage PivotTables
  • create and work with scenarios and the Scenario Manager
  • solve problems using Goal Seek and Data Tables
  • utilize the lookup functions to quickly find and display cell content
  • use Solver to solve more complex and intricate problems
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