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Managing Project Teams

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This workshop is a two day seminar offered in partnership with Wichita State University's Center for Management Development.

Keeping a project team on schedule and focused on goals is a necessary and challenging skill set. It becomes even more challenging when one does not have full authority over team members as often occurs in project teams. Participants in this program will learn practical, hands-on techniques for overcoming major "project team" dysfunctions while developing skill sets in team selection and formation, facilitating team meetings and effectively communicating within the team as well as with sponsors.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To share three major lessons learned in selecting, developing and managing a project team
  • To illustrate the importance of ground rules and governance in establishment of project teams
  • To identify the characteristics and behaviors of successful project team leaders and teams
  • To facilitate a team through its life cycle from formation to end
  • To handle troublesome team members


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