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Scope and Requirements Management

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Presented with Wichita State University's Center of Managmeent Development. Managing scope on a project is one of the most difficult and demanding jobs of a project manager. Pinning down the project scope starts with a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of the key stakeholders. It involves more than just knowing what needs done. It also requires knowing what not to do and how to manage the changes that inevitably come up during a project. Workshop participants will work in teams to develop a project charter, gather requirements, write a scope statement and create a WBS as well as learn to manage scope once the work begins.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of scope management for project success
  • Learn techniques to elicit requirements
  • Learn to identify critical project stakeholders
  • Recognize the variety of resource constraints that can affect a project
  • Gain the knowledge pillars of defining and organizing project goals and objectives
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