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Taking Control of Conflict

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Overview (Program by AchieveGlobal):

The more people have to depend on each other to achieve results under pressure, the higher the instance of conflict. Given the complex web of inter-relationships that exists in most organizations today, there is ample opportunity for conflict to arise. Mishandled conflict situations damage work relationships and deplete personal energy and focus, causing productivity to plummet. People and organizations can greatly benefit from learning to handle conflicts skillfully and confidently. This half-day workshop will provide participants with a process for resolving conflict which encourages shared solutions while building constructive work relationships.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Get a clear picture of the causes behind a conflict
  • Prepare to address conflict with a resolution mindset
  • Talk through a conflict situation objectively and non-defensively
  • Develop first steps and trial solutions to begin to resolve a conflict
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