Workshops that Develop People Who Improve Organizations

Is your business or organization being overwhelmed by change? Are you able to react to change, but it seems chaotic and organized? Are your managers and leaders experts in their functional areas but struggle of facilitating change among their direct reports? Do you find that training opportunities leave you (or your people) with a need for more?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are not alone! Organizations are designed to resist change and protect the status quo, much like our bodies are designed to resist infection and fight disease. Not that we're suggesting change is a disease, but to an organizational structure built upon stability (and for employees who value stability), change can be seen as the enemy.

Businesses that recognize the need to change and proactively address that change to remain agile and flexible within the marketplace typically:

  • have higher customer satisfaction
  • have a more engaged workforce
  • are internally equitable and externally competitive, and
  • enjoy greater financial stability

Harnessing the power of change begins and ends with manager and leader development. Developing individuals who are skilled in the area of systematic change who can facilitate and guide your people through the change process is the first step in a proactive organizational change management strategy.

Whether you are the leader of your organization, a leader of people within your organization or someone who aspires to a leadership position, the Management Development Center at Fort Hays State University offers workshops that provide individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve your organization.

These workshops are designed based on sound management theory and delivered in a practical, applied method that allows participants to begin using their newly learned knowledge and skills as soon as they return to the workplace. 

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