– differences among groups of people and individuals based on culture, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, exceptionalities, language, migrant status, religion, sexual orientation, and geographical area.

Diversity Proficiencies are addressed in coursework and clinical experiences.

Conceptual Framewark

The candidate:

  1. Recognizes and explains the nature of diversity in the community to inform instruction,
  2. Understands and can articulate characteristics and attributes of student populations which contribute to commonality and differences,
  3. Recognizes and applies appropriate educational options for all students,
  4. Understands and applies results of assessment data for educational placement and accommodations,
  5. Utilizes appropriate technology to gather and disseminate information, and
  6. Reflects on diversity experiences from a variety of perspectives (emotional, informational, and developmental) for diagnostic purposes and self-growth.


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