Operational Definition:

Candidates understand real-world technological issues and demonstrate 21st century skills using instructional technologies to (1) gather, analyze, and present information, (2) enhance instructional practices, (3) facilitate professional productivity and communication, and (4) help all students and professional colleagues use instructional technology effectively according to the National Educational Technology Standards.

Technology Proficiencies

- are addressed in coursework and clinical experiences at FHSU.

The candidate:

  1. Appropriately and effectively uses current and emerging digital tools to gather, analyze, and present information. (ISTE*T 3d)
  2. Designs diverse learning activities and learning-centered environments that incorporate digital tools and resources. (ISTE*T 2a, 2b)) (ISTE*A 2c, 5a, 5b)
  3. Analyzes technology infrastructures and technology-based systems for teaching, assessment, management, or operations. (ISTE*T 2d) (ISTE*A 4d, 4e)
  4. Communicates and collaborates with students, colleagues, parents, and community members using digital tools. (ISTE*T 3c, 3b) (ISTE*A 3c)
  5. Advocates, models, and teaches safe, legal, and ethical use of digital information and technology. (ISTE*T 4a) (ISTE*A 5c, 5d)

Key Technology Course Syllabi

Technology Help

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