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Letter from the Dean of the College of Education and Technology

The College of Education and Technology at Fort Hays State University is experiencing an unprecedented period of dynamic growth and program expansion. To help us in the continuation of this effort, we have purchased Tk20,  an comprehensive system providing us all with a rich set of tools to help manage our growth and processes and to make our tasks easier.

The Tk20 system will allow you to:

  1. Build your artifacts electronically online.  Your artifacts will stay with you so you can use them for years, even after graduation.
  2. Receive quicker feedback on your work from your instructors and mentors.
  3. Create electronic portfolios for documenting your work for presentation to faculty and prospective employers.
  4. Have a fully documented record of your field experience work and your experience with student teaching/clinical practice.
  5. Fill out all application forms online.  This includes applications for admission to the program and for student teaching.

Additionally, the Tk20 system will help us serve you better by providing instant data for advising and program improvement.

As a student, you will be required to subscribe to the program.  The Tk20 subscription is a one-time only, non-refundable fee of $100.  You will be billed by the university as part of your tuition and fees. 

Training sessions will be organized to orient you to Tk20.  Details will follow from Dr. Janet Stramel and Amie Wright in the weeks to follow.

We do understand that the cost of a college education is high.  We have spent a considerable amount of time finding the best system to meet your needs and ours.  As you become familiar with the system and realize its potential and benefits, I am sure that you will be pleased.


Robert F. Scott, Jr., Ph.D
Dean and Professor


Top Five Reasons Why You Should Purchase Tk20 

As former students, we know that money isn’t necessarily free-flowing. So when your college or university informs you that you have to pay for a Tk20 account, we realize that it may stretch your budget to its limit. Still, we believe that purchasing a Tk20 account will benefit you in the long run. Here are our top 5 reasons why we think you need a Tk20 account:

5. You can create and store your coursework in an electronic gallery of artifacts.

Keeping your work for all of your courses can be difficult. Between the never-ending piles of paper and the bazillion electronic files you have scattered across one, two (or six) flash drives, staying organized can be a beast. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Once you save an artifact in Tk20, it will be in your account forever.

4. You can see your progress in your program of study.

Even when you only have one question, scheduling an appointment with your advisor may seem to require an act of Congress. You know your time is valuable. We think so, too. With our advising feature, you can track your progress throughout your time in your program of study. You’ll never have to guess if you’ve met your program’s criteria, because you will be able to check your progress in your Tk20 account!

3. You will have a fully documented record of your field experience and clinical practice.

At some point, you will need to show proof of your hands-on experience in the field. Keeping track of your time logs, assessments, observations, and lesson plans can seem daunting. Let us do the organizing for you! Our field experience feature records all of your field experience information, so you can easily retrieve the information when gearing up for an interview after graduation.

2. You can create an electronic portfolio to share with faculty and potential employers.

Potential employers tend to grow bored with reviewing boring resumes. After a while, they all seem to look the same. We think you should shake things up a bit. Tk20 allows you to create your own electronic portfolio to document your professional growth, field experience, transcripts, and assessments. Even better, you can share this portfolio with potential employers with a link for easy access. Ideal candidates stand out among the rest. With your Tk20 portfolio, we’re sure you’ll knock their socks off.

1. By purchasing Tk20, you are a direct stakeholder in your program’s reputation.

Your institution purchased Tk20 to help with accreditation and program improvement. Typically, potential employers are impressed with candidates who come from accredited institutions and programs. Other than making the accreditation process easier, completing work in Tk20 allows your college or university to reflect on their own practices to make meaningful improvements. Many times, your participation in this process is evidence of your own hard work and success. We know you’re awesome. We just want others to know it, too.

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