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First 40 Days

"A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm." Henrik Ibsen

The First 40 Days at Fort Hays is the University's welcome back schedule of events, jam-packed with fun social and educational programs that will help introduce you to other students and to the campus. Join us for the Back-to-School Picnic, where you will learn how to get involved on campus, plus a ton of other exciting events.

Core Requirements ~ Throughout your First 40 Days (6 weeks), you will be encouraged to attend at least 6 events: 2 Social Events and then 1 of each of the remaining tracks. Each track represents a category. Reflections will be required on at least 1 event through TigerLink. Successful completion of the First 40 Days will be a requirement of the UNIV 101 Freshman Seminar course.

  1. Academic & Cultural Track "Designed to help you intellectually grow & appreciate diversity."
  2. Hallmark Track "Designed to help you experience the cornerstone events found only at FHSU."
  3. Leadership & Service Track "Designed to help you understand & participate in social & civic responsibilities of society."
  4. Personal Development & Community Building Track "Designed to help you grow & develop within yourself & model healthy behaviors."
  5. Social Track "Designed to help you develop & maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships."



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