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TigerLink Curriculums
Social and Civic Responsibilities

"We the people tell the government what to do, it doesn't tell us." Ronald Reagan

Civic responsibility means active participation in the public life of a community in an informed, committed, and constructive manner, with a focus on the common good. This curriculum focuses on being active in the community and learning more about political issues all while becoming more socially and civically responsible.

Core Requirements

Domain 1: Continuum of Citizenship (complete all 4 items)

  • Complete 100 hours of community service through Tigers In Service
  • Vote in the Student Government Association elections
  • Register to vote in the national election
  • Pass Pols 300: Current Political Issues

Domain 2: Call to Action (complete 3 items)

  • Deliver a Times Talk or Speak at a Campus Forum
  • Volunteer on a civic action or political campaign
  • Participate in a civic or social service organization
  • Participate in an Alternative Break or International Service Trip
  • Participate in The Big Event

Domain 3: Commitment to Social Justice (complete 3 items)

  • Participate in public policy work
  • Complete a Serviceship or relevant internship
  • Participate in community organizing
  • Attend 10 social justice/civic engagement events
  • Pass IDS 640: Principles of Civic Leadership


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