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Why Should I get Involved? How?
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Did you know that students who are involved are more satisfied with their college experiences than those who aren't?

It's often the experiences you gain in co-curricular involvement that last a lifetime and best prepares you for your future. Get involved in other aspects of college life! It's more important than you may realize!

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CSI is home to the University Activities Board, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Special Events/Encore Series, and provides support to all Student Organizations on campus.

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The Center for Student Involvement maintains TigerLink our online involvement portal. Through TigerLink, individuals can create a profile and find involvement opportunities based upon mutual interests. For student organizations, there are a variety of resources available. Each group has unlimited storage for documents. There is a flyer board to advertise upcoming events and meetings, and even the possibility of holding elections in an online accessible and paper-free environment ! There is even a free text messaging service that student organizations can use to maintain contact with members.

For additional resources and information regarding TigerLink, please click here.

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