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Poster Route

Want your event flyer to be seen in every building on campus? The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) is here to help!

The CSI has created and identified several bulletin boards (including the kiosks) across campus for the Poster Route that all FHSU entities can utilize to promote your event or announcement!
Poster Route bulletin boards have bright green signs of identification!

The Center for Student Involvement provides the opportunity for only recognized student organizations and divisions and/or administrative areas of Fort Hays State University to publicize upcoming events through means of bulletin boards located in buildings on campus and the kiosks. When space permits, FHSU departmental flyers announcing non-event information of interest to the general student population may also be posted. Any other public entities wanting to post materials should contact individual building supervisors for permission.

These guidelines pertain only to Center for Student Involvement bulletin boards; they are in no way meant to be the policy for posting materials on departmental, Cultural Affairs, Student Government Association, or University Activities Board bulletin boards. Individuals or organizations need to check with these groups to determine their guidelines. Materials promoting course offerings and schedule changes do not fall within these guidelines, as well. University policy regarding these materials should be followed. All postings are to be consistent with University policy.

All student organization and departmental materials to be hung by the Center for Student Involvement on official poster route bulletin boards must be approved by the Center for Student Involvement staff, Lower Level 014 of the Memorial Union, pursuant to the following guidelines. It is strongly recommended that a proof be given to the Center for Student Involvement for approval before additional copies are made.

1. Student organizations must be recognized by the Student Organization Committee (SOC) in order to post information for upcoming events. No commercial advertisements will be posted unless they relate to events sponsored by a recognized student organization or a division and/or administrative area of Fort Hays State University.
2. Materials need to include the name of the event, date, time, place, (on-campus building name, room name and/or number or off-campus name and street address), an FHSU approved logo, and the sponsoring organization's or department full name.
3. When classes are in session, the deadline to submit a poster/flyer for the poster route is 11:00 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays.
4. Due to bulletin board space limitations, the preferred material size is 8.5" X 11" and cannot exceed 11" X 17".
5. No poster or flyer will be approved if it promotes obscenity, discrimination (racial, sexual, age, disability, etc.), exploitation (as described in University policies), or illegal activities. All advertisements must be consistent with University policies and procedures (alcohol, political, etc.).
6. Postings not approved pursuant to these guidelines will be removed and discarded without notification.
7. As space permits, materials may be displayed for up to three (3) weeks in advance of the event. Center for Student Involvement employees will hang the posters in designated areas.
8. The number of poster/flyers required (depends upon coverage desired by the organization, department or administrative area) are as follows:
Academic Buildings/Resident Halls
Total Distribution: 40

Any exceptions to these guidelines must be authorized by the Center for Student Involvement.

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