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How to Start Your New Organization!

Can't find a group that serves your interest? Why not just create one! Five students is all you need to get started!

Each student group desiring to be a Fort Hays State University (FHSU) organization must register through the Center for Student Involvement (CSI).

In order to start a new organization, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Inquire in the CSI about the possibility and advisability of establishing a new organization.
  2. Hold an interest meeting to attract students who might join the organization. The CSI can give special permission to reserve a table or meeting room in the Memorial Union free of charge for the purpose of attracting members.
  3. Recruit a full time faculty or staff member who is willing to serve as the on-campus advisor.
  4. Hold a meeting of the founding members of the organization to create the organization's constitution and/or bylaws.
  5. When your group meets the Requirements for Recognition you must submit the New Organization Registration Form on TigerLink.
  6. The Center for Student Involvement will review your form and inform you on the status of your application.
  7. When the organization registration form is approved, the president, treasurer and the on-campus advisor must complete the Non-Discrimination Statement and/or Grade Release Form. This form must be returned to the CSI within 10 business days of receipt.
  8. Once the Non-Discrimination Statement and/or Grade Release Form has been completed by all parties, you will be notified of your status as a Recognized Student Organization.

Applications for registering a new organization will be accepted throughout the academic year until April 1st. Organizations interested in forming after April 1st must wait until registration opens for the next academic year.

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