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Digital Signage

Here's an easy, inexpensive way to promote your event or meeting! Monitors are located on the main floor in the Feature Wall space at the southeast entrance, main floor in the Student Service Center, lower level in Cody Commons, and lower level just outside the Center for Student Involvement. These may be used for advertising any registered student organizations or FHSU departments to promote events, announcements, and resources.

Ads must be submitted to the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) for approval and posting. Student organizations and university departments may submit advertisements, not to exceed one (1) advertisement per event, announcement, or service.

Digital Signage is not allowed for campaigning; Homecoming king and queen candidates elections or Student Government Association elections. Please consider the campus-wide poster route, sidewalk chalking or banners/signs in the quad after approval through the Center for Student Involvement.

All advertisements must clearly state the following information:

  • Name of event, announcement, or service
  • Date, time, and location
  • Sponsoring organization or department name
  • Contact information, if applicable

All advertisements must be submitted via email to csi@fhsu.edu.
All advertisements must be submitted as a png file, horizontal view. (870 x 520 px preferred.)

*You may find it easiest to create an ad as a PowerPoint slide. However, please follow the procedure below to create a horizontal view image for Digital Signage and submit only PNG files to CSI

  • create your ad in a PowerPoint Slide
  • select the "Save as" option
  • name your ad using the following format: event name month-day(Example: Spa Day 11-29)
  • change the "Save as" type PNG File Interchange Format (*.png)

Advertisements for an event may be posted no more than three weeks in advance. On-going advertisements for announcements and resources may be submitted for a longer period of time (up to six weeks) by approval of the Center for Student Involvement staff.

Additional advertisement time for events, announcements, and resources may be requested by resubmitting the ad to csi@fhsu.edu.

Event advertisements will be taken off-line the day following the event. The CSI reserves the right to refuse any advertisements that do not adhere to the policies stated here. The CSI reserves the right to utilize necessary screens for university-wide events or announcements.

Advertisement content must be in accordance with University values and policy. Refer to University Relations identity standards for logo, color, tagline, etc.

Advertisements containing any FHSU identifiers (Fort Hays State University, FHSU, or the Tiger) must obtain permission for advertising through University Relations before submitting the ad to CSI. Contact Mary Ridgway at (785) 628-4521 or mridgway@fhsu.edu.

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