Learn to Use FHSU Mail!

Free lifetime e-mail accounts are issued to Fort Hays State University students. Under normal processing conditions, the account becomes available for use within one business day after a student has applied for admission to FHSU.

Upon creation of your "FHSU Mail" account, a notice will be sent that provides important information about your account and a directory of helpful links. Read the notice and retain it for future use.

The TigerTracks login is used to access FHSU Mail. Instructions for activating the TigerTracks login and accessing FHSU Mail can be found online at www.fhsu.edu/ctc/helpdesk/tigertracks-information/. For security, privacy, and legal reasons, this account may be activated ONLY by the student.

Before using FHSU Mail or TigerTracks,
read the Fort Hays State University Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy (PDF) It may be viewed using Adobe Reader (Free). Use of your account implies your agreement to abide by this policy.

  1. Activate your login.
    To activate your TigerTracks login and view your FHSU e-mail address, go to: tigertracks.fhsu.edu/register/
  2. To log in & use your FHSU e-mail, log in to the TigerTracks portal at: tigertracks.fhsu.edu/ and click on the Webmail tab.

NOTE: Mail cannot be received by your new FHSU Mail account until your TigerTracks login is activated!

The format for your e-mail address is
YourTigerTracksUsername@mail.fhsu.edu, where YourTigerTracksUsername is your first initial, middle initial, and last name. (For example: abstudent)

  • To avoid duplicate usernames, a number may be added to the end. (For example: abstudent2)
  • Your TigerTracks username must be entered in lower case (it is case sensitive). If you have forgotten your username, you can search for it using the online Directory located at the top of the FHSU home page at www.fhsu.edu.  The username is the portion of the student e-mail address preceding the @ symbol.
  • Your TigerTracks password is case sensitive; it must be entered in the same case used when it was created.

If you have an underscore (_) in the second position of your address,
your middle initial was not available on your official student record. An underscore has been used instead.

  • If you wish to have your middle initial on your official student record, you may update it yourself by making a change in your personal information using the Online Services application located in the TigerTracks Web portal at tigertracks.fhsu.edu. You may also contact the Registrar’s Office in Sheridan Hall, Room 106, at (785) 628-4222 or 1-800-628-FHSU.
  • E-mail address changes must be consistent with the name on your official student record and can be requested by contacting the CTC HelpDesk. Any change to your e-mail address will result in a new TigerTracks username being issued to you. For more information about changing your FHSU e-mail address, visit our TigerTracks Username Change Information page.

Protect your privacy by protecting your password and following wise e-mail practices.

  • If you believe someone knows your TigerTracks password, you should change it immediately!
  • Remember that you can be held legally responsible for any activity that occurs through use of your account. For suggestions on how to choose a secure password, please view How Secure are Your Passwords?. You can use the TigerTracks registration site to recover or change your password.
  • If you do not know your TigerTracks password and are unable to recover it using the TigerTracks registration site, please contact the CTC HelpDesk for password assistance.
  • Although FHSU’s e-mail systems block a great deal of spam, “Phishers” who send deceptive e-mails with the intent of tricking people into providing personal information employ new tactics every day and some messages cannot be effectively blocked. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to follow wise e-mail practices to protect your personal information. NEVER send private information such as usernames, social security numbers, birth dates, or bank account numbers in an email. We will NEVER ask you to provide private information in an e-mail. To learn more, read our E-Mail Safety page.

Advantages of using your FHSU Mail account include:

  • FHSU Mail accounts are automatically provided free to all FHSU students.
  • Easy, centralized access. Simply log into the TigerTracks portal at tigertracks.fhsu.edu and click on the Webmail tab.
  • Your FHSU Mail messages are accessed using a Google Apps (Gmail) platform, which also provides a variety of free online features and applications, including document, spreadsheet, and presentation software and easy-to-use collaboration tools.
  • Instructors use your FHSU Mail address to contact you regarding class assignments.
  • Official University messages and notices about FHSU student activities and are also sent to FHSU Mail accounts.
  • The FHSU Student E-Mail Lifetime Use Policy allows you to continue using your FHSU Mail account even after you leave Fort Hays State University. The policy can be viewed in the E-Mail section of the CTC HelpDesk Web site.

Because FHSU is unable to provide support for other e-mail systems, we recommend accessing your FHSU Mail account directly in order to receive official University mail and messages. However, if you wish, you may forward your FHSU Mail to another account of your choice.


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