Accessing Lotus Notes from Off Campus using iNotes

Lotus Notes is the official e-mail system used by all Fort Hays State University employees.  To obtain an account, the department chair or administrative assistant must submit a CTC Request for Services to request initial computing accounts for the new employee (see Information for New Faculty and Staff for details).

The Registrar's Office sends messages to faculty e-mail addresses regarding important dates, enrollment, grades, and other information.  You may access Lotus Notes with an Internet browser (using iNotes) to receive e-mail and use your calendar.  After your account is created, you can access iNotes, as follows:

  1. Open an Internet browser and go to the FHSU Home Page.
  2. Click on the Faculty/Staff link at the top of the page, and then click on Lotus Notes. A User Name and Password prompt should appear.
    • If you are not listed in a "group" mailing list on Lotus Notes (such as the Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Staff, or Retired lists), you may need to use a special website address to access your e-mail.  We recommend all Lotus Notes users be in at least one group list so they will receive system maintenance notices.  Please contact the CTC HelpDesk for further assistance.
  3. In the User Name box, enter your TigerTracks username.  In the Password box, enter your password.  Because Lotus Notes and TigerTracks are separate systems, the same usernames are assigned for both systems but they may have different passwords.
  4. Click OK.  A message appears indicating that your mail file is loading; please wait.   After a short wait, your iNotes menu will be displayed.  At this point, you can create a bookmark or shortcut to this page for future use.
    • Occasionally when logging in, you may receive prompts asking if you want to install Lotus Notes Domino Applets or ActiveX controls.  Respond Yes to these prompts, as this enables the application to run properly.Lite Mode image
    • If you are unable to send messages or experience other problems, try using Lite Mode (click on Full on the toolbar in the upper right corner and select Lite Mode).
  5. The Inbox lists messages you have received.  To open a note, double-click on it.  Click on the buttons or drop-down menus displayed at the top of the note to Reply, Forward, etc.
  6. When you are finished using iNotes, click Logout (in the upper right corner) and follow any prompts.



Change your password as soon as possible after receiving access to your account. We recommend using a minimum of seven characters, with at least one letter and one number.  To change your password, click on Preferences (at the top of the window), then Security (on the left), and then Changeā€¦  Follow all prompts.


Delete all messages you don't need so as not to exhaust your allotted server space. Click Delete to remove selected notes from your Inbox.  Then click  on the Trash Can icon and select Empty Trash.

Forwarding Your LN Mail to an Alternate Primary E-Mail Account

Because FHSU is unable to provide support for other e-mail systems, we cannot assist with problems encountered while using other e-mail providers.  Also, please note that some Lotus Notes applications (Workflow, etc.) require use of the Lotus Notes account.  However, if you would like to request forwarding of your Lotus Notes messages to an alternate primary e-mail address, contact the CTC HelpDesk and provide the e-mail address.

For Assistance or More Informationā€¦

If you need assistance using iNotes, an on-line Help application (next to the Logout button) gives detailed instructions for most tasks.  Answers to Lotus Notes Frequently Asked Questions are available in the E-Mail section of the CTC HelpDesk Web site.  If you still need additional assistance using iNotes, contact the CTC HelpDesk.

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