FHSU Student E-Mail Lifetime Use Policy

Fort Hays State University offers its current and former students free lifetime e-mail accounts. All students who enroll at FHSU are automatically issued a student e-mail account. An account that has been activated will continue to be available even after a student is no longer enrolled, provided the account has been checked within the last twelve months or is forwarded to another valid e-mail address.

Acceptable Use

Use of an FHSU student e-mail account implies an agreement to abide by FHSU's Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy (PDF). (View with Adobe Reader - Free.)

E-Mail Services

The following e-mail services will remain available on a lifetime basis: university-supported Web-based e-mail access, POP3s and IMAPs e-mail access, and e-mail forwarding.

Web Pages and File Space Services

After one full fall or spring semester of non-enrollment, student file space and associated services provided during active enrollment (such as telnet/shell access and space for personal files and Web pages) are no longer available.

Space Limits and Recommendations

We recommend that everyone with a student e-mail account check their e-mail at least once a month so they will be informed of any maintenance, service, or policy changes that may occur.  An account that has not been checked within the last twelve months and is not forwarded to a valid e-mail address may be subject to discontinuation (as described in the Account Removal and Reinstatement section below).

All e-mail accounts are subject to a maximum space limit (quota).  Once this quota has been reached, any new messages will be returned undeliverable. Therefore, we recommend removing unnecessary messages from all folders and emptying the trash regularly.  For information about managing your student e-mail account, see Learn to Use FHSU Mail. 

A separate limit (quota) applies to the total amount of file space residing on the server for an actively enrolled student. This includes all Web pages and any other personal files on the server. For information about managing your student file space, see Web Pages and File Space.

Account Removal and Reinstatement

Removal of an account may occur in the following situations:


  • Reinstatement of a discontinued student e-mail account may be requested at any time by contacting the CTC HelpDesk and providing specific information.
  • If the discontinued account was removed in response to a policy violation, approval to reinstate the account must be obtained from the system administrator.
  • If an account is removed for any reason, no files are retained. Therefore, if an account is reinstated, no e-mail or other files can be restored.

Username Changes

Requests to change an account's username are allowed for legal name changes only. Your official FHSU student record must be updated with the new name before a username change can be made. You may request to change the name on your official student record by making a change in your personal information using the Online Services function located in the TigerTracks portal at tigertracks.fhsu.edu. You may also contact the Registrar's Office in Picken Hall, Room 302, at (785) 628-4222 or 1-800-628-FHSU.  E-mail address changes must be consistent with the name on the official student record and can be requested by contacting the CTC HelpDesk.

The server portion of the e-mail address cannot be changed.

For more information about changing your student e-mail address visit our TigerTracks Username/Student E-Mail Address Change Information page.


Support for FHSU student e-mail accounts is provided through the CTC HelpDesk. All instructions, policies, notices, or other information will be posted on the Web site at www.fhsu.edu/ctc/helpdesk/. Because FHSU is unable to provide support for other e-mail systems, we cannot assist with support issues, space restrictions, spam, or other problems that can occur when using other e-mail providers. Therefore, although forwarding service is available, we recommend accessing your student e-mail account directly.

This document will be updated as needed to reflect any policy changes.
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