TigerNet On-Campus Wireless Internet Access

Fort Hays State University has a robust wireless network that supports mobile teaching and learning across campus. Using this network, students can access the internet and view their e-mail, grades, financial information, the on-line course delivery system, and other FHSU online services.

FHSU is the first university to deploy an all-802.11ac wireless network, with more than 500 access points.  See the press release below for more information!

View 3-10-2014 Press Release:
"FHSU selects Aruba Networks option for 5th generation wireless network on campus"

Three levels of wireless network access enable simplified connectivity for Students, Faculty/Staff and Guests:

Student Network Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Wireless Access Locations and Wireless Card Recommendations

Wi-Fi Access Instructions for Mobile Devices

Report a Network Problem

FHSU’s Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy (PDF) - may be viewed using Adobe Reader (Free)

Unacceptable System Activity Statement


  • For Students.
  • Requires TigerTracks login and Web-based registration. Access is available as soon as a student's TigerTracks account has been created and activated.
  • Unencrypted network providing access to public network resources. Access to the private FHSU network is restricted.*
  • For setup instructions, view TigerNetStudent Wireless Connection Information.

Faculty:  For assistance with making information currently located on private resources available to your students through the Internet, please submit a CTC Request for Services to the Network and Servers section.

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If you do not have a FHSU network login, you or your departmental secretary should submit a CTC Request for Services to the Network and Servers section to request one.

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  • For Guests and Visiting Faculty.
  • Open network; no login or registration required.
  • Once every 60 minutes, users will be prompted to accept an Acceptable Use agreement.
  • Unencrypted network providing restricted access to basic Internet and e-mail.***
  • For setup instructions, view TigerNetGuest Wireless Configuration Instructions.

If access to additional resources is required, please contact the CTC HelpDesk to request a special account.

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