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Fort Hays State University has partnered with Kivuto Solutions, Inc. (formerly e-academy) to provide an online Software Center for sales of software products to our students, faculty, and staff at discount prices. This partnership has enabled us to provide a variety of popular software titles through a convenient online purchase process.

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Microsoft Office University products include a permanent license.  These products are available to currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff.  Microsoft Work At Home products are available only to faculty and staff who are covered under Fort Hays State University’s campus license agreement (while they are actively employed); these products provide the media only, without a permanent license.

Adobe products on this site are available to currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff.

To view product information, prices, and system requirements for the products you are eligible to purchase, log in using the Software Center Sign-In link (shown above).

You are not required to use this service. The products available on this site provide the same functionality as products purchased through the academic retail market; the only difference is cost.

Eligibility Information

To become eligible to make purchases from the Software Center, students must pay tuition and fees for the current semester. Students remain eligible to make purchases until the end of the last semester for which their tuition and fees have been received.

Faculty and staff become eligible after their employment information has been entered on the Fort Hays State University personnel system and they have obtained a Lotus Notes e-mail account. Currently employed faculty and staff who are covered under FHSU’s Work at Home license agreement with Microsoft are eligible to purchase Work At Home products. Faculty and staff remain eligible to make purchases until they terminate employment.

Fort Hays State University provides lists of eligible students, faculty, and staff to Kivuto Solutions, Inc. After your account has been created on the site, one message will be sent to your FHSU e-mail address providing your information for accessing the Software Center. The message will be sent from either e-academy.com or kivuto.com.

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Login Assistance

If you forget your sign-in information, go to the Software Center Sign-In page and click on the Forgot your password? link. Enter your full FHSU e-mail address, such as YourTigerTracksUsername@mail.fhsu.edu* (for students) or YourTigerTracksUsername@fhsu.edu (for faculty and staff). If an account has been created for you on the site, a reset password e-mail will be sent to your FHSU e-mail address. If you do not yet have an account on the site, review the eligibility information given above or contact the CTC HelpDesk to inquire about your eligibility status.

*NOTE:  Due to the recent transition from Scatcat e-mail to FHSU Mail, student Software Center logins have been updated to reflect the NEW FHSU Mail student e-mail addresses.  Students should now log in to the Software Center using this format for their e-mail address:  TigerTracksUsername@mail.fhsu.edu

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