TigerTracks Username/E-Mail Address Change Information

Step 1: Update your Name on all Official FHSU Records

Username changes are allowed for legal name changes only.  All official FHSU student and employment records (if you are currently employed at FHSU) must be updated with the new name before a username change can be made.  New usernames are assigned according to the standard TigerTracks format.

  • Submit a request to change the name on your official student record using the Request Name Change form located under Online Services in the TigerTracks portal at tigertracks.fhsu.edu.  Inquiries regarding your official name may be directed to the Registrar's Office in Picken Hall, Room 302, at (785) 628-4222.  For assistance accessing or using the online form, contact the CTC HelpDesk at 785-628-5276.
  • If you are currently employed at the university, you must also update the name on your FHSU employment record before requesting a username change.  Students should contact the Student Employment Office in Picken Hall, Room 302 at (785) 628-5227.  Faculty and Staff should contact the Human Resource Office at (785) 628-4462.

Step 2: Contact the CTC HelpDesk to Request a Username / E-Mail Address Change

After your official student and employment records have been updated with your new name, you must then contact the CTC HelpDesk at 785-628-5276 or helpdesk@fhsu.edu if you wish to have your TigerTracks username and student e-mail address changed.

Please allow up to one week for your request to be processed.  During this time, you may be unable to access accounts that use the TigerTracks login.  Therefore, it may be beneficial to wait until the semester is completed to submit your request if temporary loss of access to these systems (such as FHSU student e-mail and Blackboard) will interfere with your academic activities.  If you are currently enrolled or teaching, the change will not be processed until the semester ends.  

 Please also note:

  • If you have a Lotus Notes e-mail account (used by FHSU employees), your Lotus Notes username and e-mail address will be updated to match your new TigerTracks username. (Requests to update Lotus Notes e-mail addresses also require a corresponding change to the TigerTracks username.)
  • After the change is processed, all messages sent to your old address will be returned undeliverable.
  • All of your existing e-mail, coursework, and any Web pages you may have will be in your accounts after the username is changed.
  • You should unsubscribe from any listservs you belong to BEFORE the username is changed and re-subscribe AFTER the username is changed.

Step 3: Reactivate your TigerTracks Account and Begin using your New E-Mail Address

When the change has been completed, the CTC HelpDesk will contact you by telephone or an alternate e-mail address and provide the new username at that time.  After the change, you will need to:

  • Go through the initial activation process at tigertracks.fhsu.edu/register/ to set your password.
  • Give everyone your new e-mail address.
  • Check all of your Web pages for accuracy.
  • Re-subscribe to any listservs you belong to.
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