Computing and Telecommunications Center

Scheduled Maintenance Notices

This page lists scheduled maintenance notices for systems supported by the Computing and Telecommunications Center (CTC) at Fort Hays University.  All times posted are in Central Time.

Date Posted: March 27, 2014, Updated 4/14/14

Scheduled Maintenance Date(s): Beginning April 11; possibly through April 18, 2014.

4/15/14 - UPDATE:  Maintenance is not yet complete.  We are hopeful it will be available tomorrow morning.  Users will be kept informed via e-mail updates.


This maintenance will only impact FHSU staff and faculty; they have been informed of this maintenance via campus e-mail.

Starting Friday, April 11, 2014 IFAS will be unavailable to university staff.   The FHSU Computing Center and Sungard will be migrating information to a new server.  There is a possibility that IFAS will not be available some or all of the following week. We are requesting that you do not log in to IFAS during this time.  Please do not log in until a notice is sent announcing that the system is available for use.

Inquiries regarding this scheduled maintenance should be directed to the CTC HelpDesk or the FHSU Purchasing Office.

No additional notices are posted at this time.  Please contact the CTC HelpDesk if you are experiencing a system outage.