Request a Course Copy for Bb

About Course Copy:  CTELT will copy your courses into new shells for you and the “course copy” option for instructors is no longer available. This is being done to resolve problems created by software bugs in past semesters. However, you need to let us know which courses you’d like copied. If you prefer to create your course sites within the new shells, without copying stuff from previous semesters, you are good to go. You can always copy individual items, folders and documents but not Tests, Survey, Pools or any other tool in Bb.

Submit a course copy request: 
1. Go to 
2. Log into the site with your Tiger Central username and password 
3. Click New Ticket and Course Copy Requests 
4. Complete the form (choosing your “from” and “to” Bb sites) and Submit.
5. Within 1 business day you will receive notification that your course has been copied.

Note:  If you are merging two or more sections into one Bb shell, please submit the merge request FIRST, wait until it's finished, then submit a course copy request.

Submit a Course Merge Request

Instructions can be found HERE

1. Go to 
2. Log into the site with your TigerCentral account 
3. Click New Ticket and "Blackboard Course Merging and Enrollment Exemption"
4. Complete the form and click submit

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