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DyKnow allows an instructor to guide student computer use in the classroom by viewing or capturing individual student screens, displaying a student’s computer screen on the classroom projector, sharing websites, transferring files, or conducting real-time polls during class. Consider using DyKnow for small group work in class to encourage student collaboration and peer-teaching activities.

Instructor Quick Start Guide:

PDF ICON DyKnow Vision 
PDF ICON DyKnow Monitor 
PDF ICON DyKnow Batch Enrollment Request  

Student Quick Start Guide:

PDF ICON Quick Access Guide
PDF ICON Tips for Students 

DyKnow Download (NEW Version is HERE! 5.7!)

You will be asked during installation to put the school URL server.
You need to put this URL: dyknow://dyknow.fhsu.edu

Download DyKnow Client 5.7 – 32 bit

Download DyKnow Client 5.7 – 64 bit

*512 MB RAM
*Windows OS ONLY  7 or 8
*Internet connection

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