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Online Course Evaluations – FAQs

Q1) Can faculty or administration identify students through the survey tools?
Answer: Unless a student self-identifies in written comments there is NO WAY to link the student to the responses they make in the survey system. One advantage to using a third party for our system is ensuring anonymity for respondents.

Q2) If the system is anonymous why is log in required?
Answer: Logging into the system allows verification that respondents have participated in surveys. Again, answers to survey questions are completely separate from this verification.

Q3) When are the survey results made available?
Answer: Results of the surveys will not be made available to faculty or administration until one day after final grades have been submitted to the Registrar’s Office

Q4) How is the data collected used?
Answer: Faculty use the data collected on the student ratings of instruction to make adjustments in their approach to the course from one semester to the next. Administration can use this same data to help understand how student’s perceive their learning experience at FHSU.

Q5) I missed the deadline to take the survey, can I get an extension?
Answer: Unfortunately, no. While each person’s voice is important in order to accommodate this request the entire survey must be re-administered which is not feasible. Hopefully two weeks prior to finals week is sufficient time for the vast majority of students to participate in the evaluations

Q6) Why can’t I complete the survey after finals week?
Answer: How the online surveys are administered including when they open, close and when the data is available is set in the policies of the Faculty Handbook which can be found here: http://www.fhsu.edu/Technology/provost/handbook/ch_7_evaluations_faculty/

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