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The University Center for Survey Research conducts self-administered surveys that are mailed to respondents and then returned for data collection. Following industry best-practices standards including Dillman's Total Design Methods, USCR research scientists design survey questionnaires to address the needs of our clients and to meet stringent validity and reliability requirements.

USCR computer software and hardware allows for individually tailored questionnaires, cover letters and envelops, and initials questionnaire mailings are succeeded by two follow-up mailings.
Upon return of the questionnaire from the respondent, data are collected in one of two ways. Data can be taken from the questionnaire and entered into one of the 18 polling stations. Highly trained data entry operators enter data into a computer assisted by Ci3 software. This software assists with error checking-allowing for rapid and accurate data entry. Double-entry and paired-operator-entry techniques can also be employed to meet the client's specific needs.
The USCR also houses a high-volume scanner for survey projects. Research scientists at the UCSR can design surveys to be scanned upon completion and return. The Remark Office OMR 5 scanner allows for single and double-sided scanning, and can read bubbles, check boxes, and bar codes.

Data from mail surveys can be provided to the client in a number of ways. These include reports, charts and graphs, and/or more than 30 formats such as Access, Excel, SPSS, dBase, ASCII, HTML and pdf.

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