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The USCR has conducted studies for governmental, economic development, educational, medical, and non-profit organizations, addressing a wide variety of subjects, including:

• Governmental Services Survey
For states, counties and communities to evaluate citizen satisfaction or attitudes about governmental services and activities

• Labor Assessment and Availability
For evaluating the skill levels of employees to inform employers of labor availability and training needs

• Housing Surveys
For evaluating the availability, affordability and quality of housing

• Economic Impact
For measuring public costs and benefits of a specific project, business, or policy

• Health Care Needs Assessments
For determining medical service needs and desires along with where and why patients choose medical providers

• Wildlife and Natural Resources Management
For understanding human dimension issues related to wildlife resource management efforts, such as the public's use of and attitudes toward the natural environment

• Multi-state, State and Community Attitude Surveys
For gauging public opinion and support for prospective programs, industries, and projects

• Quality of Life Issues
For assessing satisfaction with community events, education, parks & recreation, safety, and local aesthetics

• Program Evaluation
For measuring and evaluating stated outcomes of social, educational or health-related programs

• Strategic Planning
For helping leaders make effective choices and to prioritize scarce resources

• On-Going Projects
Projects associated with public affairs, administration training, and telecommunications

• Quality Assurance Surveys For measuring and
Previous Surveys/Research

Copies of previous surveys and research are indexed by topic and date. Because the Center is a not-for-profit public entity, the Docking Institute requires that reports will eventually become available for and public dissemination

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