Exchange Opportunities
National Student Exchange
Selecting a Campus

Ready to get away—but not sure where to go?  There are several tools that can help you narrow down your choices.

The NSE Directory is a great starting point - it includes detailed information about each member school, and there is information in the back of the Directory about programs of study, campus and city populations, enrollment figures, campus costs, and ethnic diversity.

University/college catalogs can be found online for each member school. You can use those catalogs to learn more about particular course offerings for your major, as well as general information about the institution.

It is helpful for you to visit with the NSE Coordinator as you are developing your list of schools - she has historical placement data that will be of assistance in making decisions about ranking your schools in the order of preference.

Finally, there are excellent NSE web resources for checking out NSE member schools at the NSE Home Page, NSE Selecting a School, and NSE Links to Member Schools.


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