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I want you to know it was the best time of my life.  The best and most rewarding college experience I have ever had.  I will never forget those memories and friends I have made during both the fall and spring semester during my time down at Texas State.  I will be returning to Texas soon for a Master's program.  Thank you so much for this awesome experience.  It is one that all college students should take advantage of during their college career.  Wow.  What a great opportunity to travel to another school / state and meet some amazing people, network, and make some awesome memories. 

Moving down to San Marcos, Texas, not knowing a soul ended up being the most amazing experience ever!!  My first semester I joined the Exercise Sport Science Club (ESS club), went to a Convention in Corpus Christi, networked, became close to some of my professors who have now helped me in getting an internship interview in Houston, TX!  Some of my best of friends I met in the ESS club.  San Marcos, Texas State campus is absolutely the Hill Country.  I would love to attend Texas State again....soon hopefully.  :)  Thanks so much again for helping me get into Texas State!     -    Mary Kate McKee


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