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Going to Rock Hill, SC was a fun and exciting time, yet a little scary.  I was a little nervous at first, living so far away from home and knowing I couldn't go home when I wanted to.  However, I met some really great people, who I have/will continue to keep in touch with.  Initially, I wanted to go to the Carolinas, because I would like to eventually settle down in that area, kind of a "try it before you buy it."  I could live there without any long term commitments, but little did I know, that I would fall in love with the area and not want to return to Kansas.  Being from rural America, it was an awesome experience as far as living in the "city," as I was only 20 minutes from Charlotte, NC.  Classes were completely different from the classes here, just as the way of life was.  Students dressed up to attend sporting events and students in Greek Life were always looking their best, even to go to class.  My roommate was Chinese and a majority of the student body was African American, I took in so much culturally.  I love to travel and was able to take roadtrips in NC, SC, and GA while I was there.  My favorite part of living in the South was picking up the Southern accent and the food, namely Grits and country ham biscuits with Cheerwine soda!  My horizons have been broadened by this experience, and I encourage anyone, when given this opportunity, not to pass it up.  - Mollie Carlson

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