Aid Change Sheet 2017-18

Financial Assistance Office


Use this form to request the Financial Assistance Office to make changes to your award package for the fall 2017-spring 2018 academic year.

Because you can only update the amount and status of an individual award for the entire award year on the "Accept Awards" tab in Tiger Tracks, rather than by term (or semester), use this form to request more detailed adjustments to your aid package. Some students will be awarded aid for an entire award year but only attend one term. For example, students who graduate in December may not be attending for the spring semester.

Use this form to request the Financial Assistance Office to:

  • Update your graduation date (if you will now be graduating in December 2017).
  • Change your enrollment level (including reporting intersession and spring enrollment hours).
  • Reinstate previously declined Direct Loans.
  • Decline previously accepted aid (prior to disbursement).
  • Make other adjustments to your aid package.


Student's Name: 

Social Security Number or FHSU ID: 

Phone Number: 

Email Address: 

Indicate how many hours in which you plan to enroll for the semesters listed below.

Please note, you will not be eligible for federal loans if you are enrolled less than half-time.  

  • Half-time for undergraduates is 6-8 credit hours of undergraduate courses during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Half-time for graduate students is 5-8 credit hours of graduate courses during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Intersession 2018 and Spring 2018 hours will be combined to determine a student's enrollment level for Spring 2018.

Fall 2017: 

Intersession 2018: 

Spring 2018: 

Are you graduating in December of 2017? 

If yes, do you plan to attend FHSU Graduate School for Spring 2018?  

Please use the comment box below to provide specific details or instructions related to your request, including your enrollment plans for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 terms. This information is required for us to adjust your aid package. If you leave this box blank, your request will not be processed.





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