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Future International Students
Undergraduate and ESL International Students Admission Requirements


All Undergraduate and ESL International Students must submit to apply for admission to FHSU:

1. Undergraduate and ESL student application for admission.
*It is NOT acceptable to fill out the application for anyone but yourself unless you are an FHSU authorized agent.
Undergraduate Application Deadlines
Fall Semester - June 1
Spring Semester - October 15

ESL Application Deadlines
June Session - April 1
August Session - June 1
October Session- August 15
January Session- October 15
March Session- January 15

2. A $50 non-refundable application fee

3. Copy of your ID page in your passport

4. A certified financial statement showing evidence of sufficient funds (on-campus students only). If you choose not to use the form provided, you must provide a certified financial document from your bank with your name on the financial document so it can be matched with your application. If you are the recipient of a scholarship from your government, you must also provide a PERSONAL financial statement for the entire amount of sufficient funds. Some scholarships may have limits on the type of classes covered, such as intensive English or distance education. Therefore a personal financial statement is also required.
*View the estimated educational expenses for undergraduate and ESL students. The estimated educational expense amount is the amount required of your certified financial statement showing evidence of sufficient funds to study at FHSU.

5. Official transcript (with English translation) of all post-secondary school work including proof of High School graduation.
Grade point average (GPA) requirement (4.0 scale) -2.5 for freshman admission
-2.0 for transfer admission with 24 credit hours or more from an American post secondary institution
*An official transcript is an academic transcript or marks sheet mailed directly from the previous schools you have attended directly to the Registrar's Office at Fort Hays State University. Documents mailed or submitted in any way by the applicant are NOT considered official.

IMPORTANT:Transcripts from all schools attended are required to determine admission only. Fort Hays State University does not evaluate international credentials for transfer of credit. Once you are admitted, you may choose to have your prior international course work evaluated by a credential evaluation company. Fort Hays accepts evaluations from any member of NACES. If you elect to do this process, choose the course-by-course evaluation and have the evaluating company send a copy of its evaluation to Fort Hays State University. Staff at FHSU will then use the evaluation to determine what will be accepted to fulfill degree requirements. Remember, this is NOT an admission requirement; it is only required if you wish consideration of prior international coursework. Fort Hays staff cannot discuss the transfer of international credit until you have been admitted and you have had your coursework evaluated.

6. Language Requirements
You as an international student must meet minimum English proficiency requirements before beginning coursework at Fort Hays State University. Learn more about our language requirements at FHSU. Upon admission to the university, all non-citizens of the United States will be required to be screened for English language proficiency by university-authorized personnel.
*Institutional TOEFL Scores will not be accepted to meet our language requirements.

7. ESL Agreement Form
*Please complete this form if you have not met the language proficiency requirement and you are applying as an undergraduate student to FHSU. If you are applying to FHSU ONLY as an ESL student, you do not need to complete this form.

8. Transfer Authorization Form
*Please complete this form if you are transferring from another American Educational Institution.

**All application materials must be mailed to the Registrar's Office at Fort Hays State University. We will not accept imaged (emailed) or faxed documents for admission. Language scores must by sent directly to FHSU by the testing company. Again, Do NOT attempt to email your admission documents, they WILL NOT be used to determine your admission to the university. **All documents submitted to Fort Hays for the purpose of gaining admission to the University become the property of Fort Hays State University and will not be returned to the applicant.

Mail application materials to:
Fort Hays State University
Registrar's Office
600 Park Street
Hays, KS 67601


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