First Year Experience (FYE)
IDS101 Freshman Seminar

This course will emphasize the skills and knowledge that first-time freshman students who are within 1 year of high school graduation will need to succeed in their transition to collegiate life. The course strives to provide habits and positive skills. In addition, this class will provide students opportunities to explore the various services which FHSU offers, as well as how and where to obtain those services.

IDS101 is a 1-credit hour course that meets twice per week for 50 minutes each class. The course is a required course for all incoming first-time freshman students who have graduated high school within the past 12 months.

What will we be doing in the course?
IDS101 is structured from a holistic approach, meaning we look to educate you on multiple areas for your success while at FHSU. You will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation and learn skills for success in academic planning, time management, study skills, diversity and international experiences, campus and community engagement, health & wellness, money management, and more.

What have former IDS101 students said about the course?
"The Freshman Seminar was great because I knew I wasn't alone in my hopes & fears for the school year. I enjoyed learning about all the unique features FHSU has to offer while sitting next to students who were just as curious."
          Michaela Sasse, Sophomore - Biology Major

"I really enjoyed the Freshman Seminar. It taught me many great skills I can use not only in college but also in life. Through the class, I learned how to improve my time management skills & how to get involved with the FHSU community."
          Ali Sedbrook, Freshman - Elementary Education Major

Who will be teaching the class?
A variety of faculty & staff members will be teaching your course. Meet your Fall 2013 IDS101 Freshman Seminar instructors:
Andree Brisson, Adjunct Faculty for Biological Sciences
Nikki Brown, Coordinator of Academic Advising & Career Exploration Center
Brett Bruner, Director of Persistence & Retention
Dr. Jeff Burnett, Associate Professor of Health & Human Performance/Director of Tiger Wellness Center
Joe Chretien, Associate Professor of Technology Studies/Technology Leadership Program Coordinator
Maggie Denning, Coordinator of Academic Success & Paper Based Testing Programs
Cole Engel, Instructor of Accounting
Dr. Paul Faber, Dean of College of Arts & Sciences
Nanette Fitzhugh, Coordinator of Virtual Advising & Student Services for College of Business & Entrepreneurship
Katie Fulton, Instructor of Allied Health
Dr. Patti Griffin, Director of Academic Advising & Career Exploration Center
Anna Herl, Adjunct Faculty for Health & Human Performance
Jacque Jacobs, Program Specialist for Communication Disorders
Becky Lee, Assistant Director of Residential Life
Dr. Joey Linn, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Registrar
Dr. Lynn Maska, Assistant Professor of Health & Human Performance
Debra McClure, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Edie McCracken, Director of Memorial Union
Jason McCullough, Head Cross Country Coach/Assistant Track & Field Coach/Instructor of Health & Human Performance
Karen McCullough, Assistant Director of International Student Services
Dr. Helen Miles, Assistant Professor of Heath & Human Performance
Denise Orth, Assistant Professor of Allied Health
Karmen Porter, Instructor of Communication Disorders
Claudia Rink, Instructor of German
Dr. Roger Schieferecke, Associate Director for Student Services/Academic Advisor for Kansas Academy of Math & Science
Michelle Schlyer, Tiger Info Call Center Supervisor
Tina Scott, Director of Student Health Center
Dr. Steve Sedbrook, Associate Professor of Health & Human Performance
Carol Solko-Olliff, Director of International Student Services
Debbie Staab, Coordinator of Academic Advising & Student Services
Marla Staab, Clinical Coordinator/Program Specialist for Communication Disorders
Anita Walters, Instructor of Health & Human Performance
Emily Washburn, Assistant Director of Tiger Wellness Center/Instructor of Health & Human Performance