First Year Experience (FYE)

What is TigerConnect?
It is a social networking site just for new FHSU students! Whether you are a transfer student, freshman, or new virtual student, you are invited to use TigerConnect to get connected to other new students, learn about FHSU, and get involved as one of the newest Tigers!

3 Reasons to use TigerConnect:

  1. TigerConnect can be used to make new friends at FHSU! It’s similar to other social network sites—but all your online friends are others who are new to FHSU!
  2. You will be “in the know” about upcoming FHSU events. You can also post events for any student organizations you might be involved in.
  3. You can learn about FHSU resources, take quizzes to learn more about yourself, and even create goals for yourself—and see who else has similar goals!