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Earth Science Week at FHSU Geosciences!

As part of the nation wide Earth Science awareness campaign FHSU Department of Geosciences hosts events and contests throughout the month of October


Earth Science Week 2018
Schedule of Events and Activities


"Earth as Inspiration"



Geosciences Photography Contest: October 14-November 26

Categories are: Ecology, Geology, Water, Weather, and the special categories for 2018 is 'Earth as Inspiration' and GAW topic theme. Photography Contest is open to anyone.

Visit the photography contest entry page for contest information and to submit entries.



Sunday, Oct. 14 International Earthcache Day - Go Earthcaching!

Take a break, get out, and have fun exploring Kansas while celebrating International EarthCaching Day! Check out for some great adventure ideas. Take a selfie with your find and share your adventures with us on social media

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Monday, Oct. 15 Earth Science Literacy Day

Check back for activity and guest speaker details.

Tuesday, Oct. 16 Earth Observation Day

Enjoy the Outdoors, Class Challenge

All faculty are CHALLENGED to hold classes outside today. Students, you can encourage your instructors to participate too! Document your adventure teaching outdoors with a picture sent to any FHSU Geosciences social media accounts.

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Wednesday, Oct. 17 National Fossil Day

Celebrate National Fossil Day with Sternberg Museum. Check out their website to join in on their activities. 

Thursday, Oct. 18 Geoscience for Everyone Day

This is a great day to get together and celebrate Earth. Stay tuned for upcoming annoucements on how we plan to celebrate.

Friday, Oct. 19 Geologic Map Day

Come participate in Map Day by checking out all the maps hosted in the Geosciences Department. While you're there, stop by the office and see how we are celebrating Map Day.

Saturday, Oct. 20

End Earth Science Week by getting outdoors and seeing how Earth can inspire you with its natural surroundings.


What is Earth Science Week and Why celebrate?

The American Geological Institute established Earth Sciences Week in 1998 to raise awareness of the geosciences and their importance to society. It is supported by the US Geological survey, NASA, NOAA, the National Park Service, and the AAPG Foundation.

"What does it mean to see the world through eyes informed by the geosciences? Earth scientists use many types of visualizations - graphic representations of data and information - to show what we know about how our planet's geosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere interact. Earth Science Week 2015 focuses on the theme of 'Visualizing Earth Systems', exploring visualization methods ranging from traditional charts, graphs, diagrams, illustrations, and still images to videos, computer-generated animations, and 3D-printed creations. The celebration's learning resources and activities are engaging young people and others in investigating many ways of visualizing Earth systems."
-Geoff Camphire, Manager, Outreach Programs, American Geological Institute

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