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Earth Science Week 2013 - "Mapping Our World"

As part of the nation wide Earth Science awareness campaign FHSU Department of Geosciences hosts events and contests throughout the month of October


Geosciences Photography Contest - October 1 - 21, 2013.

Categories are: Ecology, Geology, Water, Weather, and the special category for 2013 is Navigation. The Photography Contest is open to the public.

  Congratulations to all of the photography Contest Winners! 

Scavenger Hunt -  October 11-28

Open to FHSU Students Only. The hunt commences during Earth Science Week, with the first half of the clues released during Earth Science Week and the second half the following week. Student teams may register to participate any time after October 11th. All entries are due by noon Oct. 28th. Great Prizes for the top three scoring teams! Click the following links for more information.(General Information and Rules,Team Registration Information and Form, Team Point Form, Week 1 Hunt List (released October 11th), Week 2 Hunt List (released October 21st).

Congratulations to: Team Rhino-Rageous for scoring High points.


Earth Song of The Day Contest - October 13-19th

Start your day with music. Each day partial lyrics will be posted on the Geosciences at FHSU Facebook page. Take your best guess. First person to guess correctly each day will be entered in the prize drawing.


Where In The World Is This Road? - October 13-19th

An online quiz to see how good you are at observing clues and how much you know about the world. The quiz can be accessed here starting Oct. 13th.





Explore Careers Opportunities in Earth Sciences - Monday, October 14

11:00 AM- 2:00 PM    Memorial Union. Check out why Geosciences is all around you.

3:30-4:30 PM   Tomanek Hall 225. Colloquium Series Presentation -
"Billy Dixon Whiskey Creek Ranch" by Dr. Ken Neuhauser.


Enjoy The Outdoors, Classroom Challenge - Tuesday October 15th

All faculty are challenged to hold classes outside. Document your outdoor adventure with a picture sent to Participating faculty are entered to win 1 of 3 natural cut rock bookends donated by the Geosciences clubs.


NFD2013 Celebrate National Fossil Day - Wednesday, October 16

Celebrate National Fossil Day at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History!
Events all day for all ages AND free admission for all visitors on Fossil Day only.



9:00 am - 1:30 pm    Special activities for school groups
School groups scheduled to visit the museum of fossil day will be in for a treat with a short special talk and the opportunity to visit 5 stations throughout the museum that pair fossil specimens with living animals. Students will rotate through the stations and the museum for a two-hour period to learn about how fossils are studied. If you are a K-12 teacher interested in bringing your class to the museum to participate in the fossil day activities please contact the Sternberg Education Director, David Levering by phone (785) 639-5249  or email

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm    New Fossil Sea Turtle
Unveiling and presentation of the museum's new fossil sea turtle donated by the Bird family. The presentation will be followed by a short reception to thank the Bird family.

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm    "Bringing Fossils to Life" Displays and free admission
Sternberg museum invites anyone to come celebrate National Fossil Day at the museum. Museum admission will be free at this time. Special displays in the museum will pair fossil and living organisms together to explain how we study fossils and the use of fossils to understand changes over time.

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm    Paleontology presentations and Discovery Room Kids activities
The museum will be open late so you can come meet the Sternberg paleontologists. Paleontology researchers from the museum will be presenting a series of talks and panel discussions. Please bring the whole family, the Discovery Room will be open with activities for children of all ages!
  6:30 pm    Mike Everhart, Adjunct Curator of Paleontology    "The Sternberg Family Legacy"
  7:00 pm    Dr. Laura Wilson, Curator of Paleontology            "A bird's eye view of the Western Interior Seaway"
  7:30 pm    David Levering, Education Director                      "Walking, Running, and Pouncing" 


"Geosciences got Gals?" - Thursday, October 17th

6:00 PM       Grab some grub at Gella's and sit in on a gab session with women students in the Geosciences.


Geocaching Event -  Friday, October 18

Open to anyone to participate. This Geocaching event consisting of six caches. Participants will have from 8:00 am - 7:00 pm Friday to find all six caches. The partial coordinates and hint for the first cache will be posted here at 9:00 am the morning of the event. To participate in the full event sign-in on the event log located in the Geosciences Department Office, TH 233 and pick up the clue sheet. The objective is to use the provided coordinates to find a specific cache location and then solve the riddle/clue at that location to find the hidden box. There are six total caches to find each cache will include clues to the next cache. In each of the caches there are poker chips, take one from each cache you find. Each chip is worth one chance in a drawing for prizes. If you complete all six caches your chances double.

  Due to the weather Geocaching has been canceled. Geocaching has been moved to November in GAW (Geography Awareness Week).  Please check back later for more information.

Go Earthcaching - October 19-20th Weekend

Take a break, get out and have fun exploring Kansas. Check out 
Hint: checking out KS features may give you an advantage on the Scavenger hunt.

What is Earth Science Week and Why celebrate?

The American Geological Institute established Earth Sciences Week in 1998 to raise awareness of the geosciences and their importance to society. It is supported by the US Geological survey, NASA, NOAA, the National Park Service, and the AAPG Foundation.

"What can you see in a map? Land formations. Bodies of water. Deposits of natural resources. Faults and fissures in the Earth. Quake zones and volcanoes. Weather patterns. Population centers. Human travel and animal migration routes. Parks, preserves, and other sites of significance to our shared geologic heritage. And more. Because we all use maps to help understand the world around us, Earth Science Week 2013 focuses on the theme of "Mapping our World." Take the opportunity to expand your understanding. Find out how geoscientists use mapping technologies to measure, monitor, and chart interactions among the Earth systems - the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere."
-Geoff Camphire, Manager, Outreach Programs, American Geological Institute  

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