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Unlocking the Unknown: Papers Honoring Dr. Richard J. Zakrzewski Publication Unlocking the Unknownedited by Greg H. Farley and Jerry R. Choate

Excerpt from the Preface: "Richard Zakrzewski is an enviable man. He has spent a career peering across unimaginable spans of time to understand a mysterious world of giants and small creatures no less wondrous. What could be more fun? Or more demanding of scientific discipline coupled with imagination? . . . His greatest professional accomplishment lies not in his dozens of peer reviewed publications (impressive though they are), but in the students he has mentored and inspired, students who might otherwise have lost the amazing horizon that paleontology offers."   

 Available for sale, limited quantities, $20.00 each. To order by mail contact Dr. Greg Farley  or visit the Sternberg Museum Store. All proceeds are used to support students working in the Sternberg Museum Paleontology Collections.  

The Climate of Hays, Kansas, from 1867 to 1999: Variability, Trends, and Influences 

The Climate of HaysAuthor John Heinrichs

Excerpt from the Preface: "Hays, Kansas (38 N, 99 W), is located in a heavily agricultural area, has marginal water resources, and is subject to severe floods and droughts. thus, quality of life in Hays is intimately tied to climate. Further, Hays is subject to a complex set of climate influences ranging from its physiography to regional circulation patterns and global climate change. In this study, records for temperature (1885 to 1999) and precipitation (1867 to 1999) were collected and examined for means, variability, ranges , trends, and periodicities. Data for a number of possible regional and global climate influences were compared with Hays climate data to characterize the relationships." 

Available for sale, limited quantities, $10.00 each. To order contact the Department of Geosciences. All proceeds are used to support students working in the Sternberg Museum Paleontology Collections. 

If you are alumni of the FHSU Department of Geosciences and have a publication you would like to see posted here contact the Geosciences Department. Publications listed here must be available for free or for which the proceeds from sales are used to support the Department of Geosciences or Sternberg Museum collections.

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