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Department of Geosciences
Fort Hays State University
600 Park Street
Tomanek Hall 233
Phone: 785-628-5389

P. Grady Dixon, Chair
(785) 628-5389
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Professor of Geosciences

Office: Tomanek Hall, 235
Phone: 785-628-4159
Fax: 785-628-5389
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Welcome to the Department of Geosciences!

Educational Background

Ph.D | 1999 | Kansas State University | Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Geographic Education, Geography of Russia

M.A. | 1993 | Kansas State University | Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Geography of Russia

B.S. | 1991 | State University of New York at Oneonta | Geography

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
  • Advanced Geographic Information Systems
  • Geographic Information Systems Programming
  • World Geography

Research Interests and Specializations

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Education

Geography of Russia

Remote Sensing

Recent Publications

(2006) Neuhauser, Kenneth R., Schafer, T. Lisichenko, R., Heinrichs, J., Pilot Project Mapping Impervious Surface Areas Using Digital Globe's Satellite Multispectral Image Data, Hays, Kansas. Kansas Geological Survey, Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas.

(2004) Neuhauser, Kenneth R., Schafer, T. Lisichenko, R., Burch J., Goentzel, K., Schlesener, M., Moore, C. Vischnefske, M. Volumetric Calculations of the City of Hays, Kansas Industrial Landfill Using GPS and ArcView 3D-Spatial Analyst GIS. Kansas Geological Survey, Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas.

(2003) Spatial Variations of Tuberculosis Cases in The State Of Kansas. (Thomas Schafer Co-author). Intergraph Corporation Registered Research Laboratory Program

(2002) Kansas, From Afar. (Thomas Schafer Co-author) Geocarto International, 17 (2), 75-79.

(2001) Color Influence on Student' Perceptions of Satellite-Imagery. Geocarto International, 16(2), 63-68.

Awards Received

Outstanding Advisor of the Year, Fort Hays State University, Kansas, 2007
Pilot Teaching Award Nominee, Fort Hays State University, Kansas, 2004, 2005

Professional Memberships

  • Association of American Geographers
  • Kansas Geographic Alliance
  • National Council for Geographic Education
  • Kansas Academy of Science
  • Kansas Association of Mappers
  • Cartography and Geographic Information Society

Service Activities

Director, Kansas Geospatial Center, Fort Hays State University, September 2008 - Present
Fellow, Docking Institute of Public Affairs, January 2003 - Present
Faculty Sponsor, FHSU Chess Club, September 2003 - Present
Coordinator, Kansas Geographic Alliance, August 2005 - 2008
President, FHSU Faculty Senate, June 2006 - 2007
Vice President, FHSU Faculty Senate, June 2005 - 2006
Co-Coordinator, Kansas Geographic Alliance, June 2004 - 2005
Co-Coordinator, Kansas Geography Bee, March 2003-2005
Director, Kansas Geographic Alliance Advanced Summer Institute,Fort Hays State University, Kansas, Summer 2005 & 2004
Judge, Kansas Geography Bee, March 1996,1998, 2001 - 2007
Geography Presenter, Nicodemus African American Heritage Festival, Nicodemus, Kansas, June 2004 - 2008
Science Day Presenter, Fort Hays State University, November 2001 - 2009
GIS Day Co-Coordinator, Fort Hays State University, November 14, 2000 - 2009
Presenter, State Conference of the Family and Community Education, Hays, Kansas, October 17, 2008
Secretary, Faculty Senate, July 2003 - 2004
Faculty Sponsor and Instructor, FHSU Aikido Club, September 2002 - December 2009
Presenter, Girl Scouts Summer Camp (GIS/GPS), Fort Hays State University, June 2007,2008
Presenter, Girl's Science Camp (GIS/GPS), Fort Hays State University, June 2007, 2008
Demographic Analysis of Denver Region, Provost's Office, Fort Hays State University, April 2008
Presenter, "Geography and Global Positioning Systems" Hays High School, Hays, Kansas, November 2007
Kansas 4-H Presenter (GIS/GPS), Fort Hays State University, July 2007
Judge, Martin Luther King Jr. SA Competition, Manhattan, Kansas, January 17t, 2004
Map creation, Docking Institute of Public Affairs, (15 Maps), August 2003
Map creation, Hays Medical Center's Bioterrorism Plan (1 Map), June 16, 2003
Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Facilitator, FHSU, April 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007
Fort Riley Geosciences Field Trip Coordinator, November 7, 2002
Judge, Annual Regional Science Olympiad, FHSU, February 2001- 2007
Presenter, Global Positioning Systems Felton Middle School, Hays, Kansas, September 6, 2002
Kansas Geographical Alliance Summer Institute Presenter, Summer 2001 - 2003

Current Research

This past year I have been exploring new applications for GIS programming. I have also returned to being a student myself, I am studying and expanding my skills in computer programming languages with a specific focus on Python.

I am also currently working on research related to technical and spatial education methods.

Personal Interest

  • Yoga
  • Chess
  • Hiking


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